Negotiating Real Estate Aquisitions

Because Royal European Investments is accustomed, as a part of its ongoing activities, to analyze and conduct research on properties — examining market values, market trends and regional economic trends in various segments of the nation — our associates are in a position to seek out special situations to meet specific investment requirements.

Once a property has been identified that suits the objectives of an investor, Royal European Investments conducts a comprehensive analysis, not only from the standpoint of the property as it relates to present income-producing capability, but also in terms of potential for future growth and appreciation.

As an advisor, Royal European Investments frequently works on the basis of a negotiated fee from its clients. By having the investor pay such a fee, Royal European Investments is in a position to negotiate the lowest possible price from the seller, on a net basis.

Royal European Investments receives hundreds of property submissions a month from owners and brokers throughout the country and is able to identify properties, which meet specific investor requirements. Royal European Investments frequently acts as advisor to the purchaser, negotiating the acquisition, and handling all of the acquisition due diligence investigation for the purchaser.

We have received numerous assignments from both domestic and offshore private investors. Our investors, in addition to the United States, have been from the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Europe. We have had many confidential assignments where we acted on behalf of a buyer who did not want his identity disclosed during negotiations.